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Botox, Xeomin, & Dermal Fillers

Brilliant Smiles Dental Group has extensively trained with the Academy of Facial Esthetics to confidently administer Botox, Xeomin and Dermal Filler treatments for both cosmetic and therapeutic results. 

Available cosmetic treatments include: relaxing lines on forehead and “frown lines” between eyebrows, minimizing crows feet or “smile lines,” enhancing cheeks, filling in lines around the mouth, and redefining and enhancing lips. 

Therapeutic treatments can provide relief from TMJ, clenching or grinding teeth and even headaches and migraines!

Brilliant Smiles Dental Group has been administering numerous painless injections in his patient’s mouths on a daily basis for over the past 30 years.  His finesse and confidence with needles is something that only comes with experience and allows him to deliver outstanding results while keeping both his dental and cosmetic patients at ease and comfortable. 

There has never been a better time to refresh and renew your image! Allow us to help you achieve a smoother, more relaxed facial appearance safely and without surgery! All cosmetic consultations are complimentary.